General regulations

The GGA  is a Non profit organisation


The GGA and Groomteam Germany is a community of interests of professional groomers with the following aims:

    • Prepare goal orientated groomers for international grooming competitions
    • Continous training under the special guidance of well-established groomers
    • Support of young talents
    • Representation on international competitions like dog shows and grooming contests
    • Bring motivated breeders and handlers closer to the groomer

    With these aims connected are following guidelines: 

    • Building a network of international successfull groomers and judges, established breeders and handler from Europe, USA, Asia and Russia
    • Membership in the European Grooming Association
    • High quality standards in the salons of the members
    • Fair training and rating systems oriented on international guidelines
    • Close cooperation with breeders
    • Presence on international dogshows
    • Training and organisation for groomer that will participate in Teamcompetitions.

    Requirements for a membership in the German Grooming Association and the Groomteam Germany

    The membership is free of costs.

    Members should have the aim to take part on grooming competitions. We expect from the members strength of purpose and professional capacity for teamwork. Only through current exchange we can reach or aims.


    Founder:  Michael Kiechle



    Trainings should happen after publication on the website. Registration of the participants is required. 

    Trainers are merited groomer, breeder, handler, that made a name of themselves by their work and their presence on international competitions.

    The costs for the trainings are assumed by the participants. Participants who do not possess a dog for the training, must inform the training manager with application. As far as possible there a canine boarder be obtained. The costs for the training dog are to be paid by the participant. The participants bring and use their own grooming tools within the training of the GGA and the german groomteam.Members get lower prices for the trainings.

    Pointsystem for the Groomteam Germany


    Actualy you find the pointsystem on the website of the DGV